Data in the volume of your speakers?

At the tail end of Episode 44 of the Content Convergence podcast, of which my favorite analyst Rebecca Lieb was the interviewee, Rebecca said something that sparked my interest in such a way that I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. I thought it was such a big deal that I told a few co-workers about it when I got to the office, but that wasn’t gratifying enough, so I have to write about it here.

When Steve Rubel asked her what she was excited about and where she is focusing her attention, Rebecca said she was “absolutely jazzed” about her current research project looking at what happens to content when it breaks beyond screens, or around beacons and sensors and IoT, that really follows the customer experience.

But here’s what I thought was pretty awesome. She said she had been interviewing executives for the last two weeks and one of the executives (of an electronics company) she interviewed said they’ve been sending people custom email offers based on the data they’re getting back from the IoT sensors embedded in all of their speakers.

The data includes how much music they’re listening to and even the volume they’re streaming Spotify or Amazon Music, etc…

She then said that the executive told her they’re seeing a 7-9% sell rate by using that precise data.WHAT THE HECK???

That’s not an  open rate, but a sell rate.  Unbelievable! But fantastic!

The crazy thing is 7-9% would be great as an OPEN RATE for emails!

So, anyway – I can’t wait to see that research, and I hope that Rebecca will give me a sneak peek!

If Rebecca isn’t on your list of smart people to follow, you should add her today. When she’s jazzed about something, I pay attention.

And I also let her know, with this tweet!


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