On LinkedIn, What You CAN Control, is Yourself

There’s a trending post over on LinkedIn where the writer addresses what she calls the ’12 reasons why people will get turned off by YOU on LinkedIn.’  I posted a comment on that particular post and thought I’d share it here. One thing we have to keep in mind as users of social platforms is that they evolve, people are there for different reasons, and every single social media platform is going to morph into something that sells and encourages others to do the same.they want to grow engagement, time spent, and therefore become more attractive to advertisers. Case in point: Guess how I found out about the post? LinkedIn delivered a notification letting me know it was trending and encouraging a response to the comment as my company page, Change Agent Communications. I went over and checked it out, felt I had something to offer of value, but decided that I wanted to respond as Angela Connor, not Change Agent Communications. So that’s what I did. And here it is:

There are some people on LinkedIn for the sole purpose of selling and generating large amounts of leads, not for true relationship building. The thing we have to realize is that LinkedIn itself is – promoting a lot of this (which is certainly their prerogative) but unfortunately there are people who care nothing about coming across in the ways outlined above. I get tons of Facebook messages about LinkedIn Selling trainings and tutorials. I must say that I have personally started removing notifications on certain types of posts, which I deem continual spam, similar to number four. I can’t control others, but I CAN control myself and what I read or receive notifications on. You have to find a balance, and apply a bit of common sense. 

-Angela Connor

You can find the full post and a plethora of comments, here.

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