Time flies when the world is changing

I received a message in my Facebook newsfeed this evening, letting me know that I joined the social network 9-years ago today. Wow!

I knew I’d been there for a good while, but I didn’t realize it had been since  2007. It makes perfect sense though, when I think back to what was going on in my career at the time.

I’d moved to the Raleigh area from South Florida just three months earlier, to take on the job of Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at WRAL.com and was getting ready to launch and manage it’s first online community, GOLO.

It was my first foray into the world of social media after living and breathing news, as a journalist for 13 years. I was skeptical at first, but a mentor of mine said to me: “Angela, go do this social media thing, and I promise you will write your own ticket in a few years.” So I took the plunge after convincing myself that he could be right. Change was all around us, particularly in the news industry  – so maybe this was a good direction, I thought.

There wasn’t a lot out there about community management in those early days  and I had to learn on the fly. Though I do remember finding and following the blogs of Jake McKee, Connie Bensen and Rich Millington and  reading them like there was no tomorrow. (In fact, the only reason I took on the name @communitygirl on Twitter was because Jake McKee was communityguy! I should probably tell him that.)

I actively commented on their posts, reached out via email and connected with them on Twitter.  Because of those early connections, all three wrote reviews of my book two years later, and I still follow them today in some form or another. Looking back on their blogs and websites today, I observed that all have evolved to reflect what they do now, and how they have all grown over time.

But back to my Facebook anniversary…

I had no idea when I joined  on May 30, 2007, that it would become what it is today.  I’m not sure any of us did. I just knew that it was a big deal, and when something becomes or seems like it will become a big deal, it’s important to get in, seek to understand it and become as savvy as you possibly can.

Otherwise, you will be woefully left behind.

Because time flies, when the world is changing.


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