Blogging Again

It’s nice to be back!

After taking a pretty long hiatus from blogging and deciding to nix my former website – after somehow failing to renew my domain and ultimately losing it – I’ve finally found my motivation to start again.

I blogged about online community management for a long time (6 years), wrote a book (2009), then launched another blog that was more about all things media or whatever crossed my mind at the moment. But it was sporadic because I really didn’t know what my primary passion was in the world of media for a good while, in terms of blogging.

I continued to speak on a myriad of topics at conferences and clearly had a lot to talk about because I was definitely learning new things, growing in my career, grooming the rock stars of tomorrow and moving in what seemed to be a million directions. But I couldn’t find one single topic I wanted to blog about, nor one that would be the topic of my second book.

So I didn’t blog, and I stopped working on outlines for the second book.

After all…things are always changing in the world of media, of which I love deeply – and so much was going on in my professional and personal life that I decided it was okay to let this slide. I rationalized that it was okay not to nurture my personal brand presence online beyond LinkedIn and Twitter  and focus on everything else that was keeping me too busy to do it anyway.

And…It’s hard to get traffic to a blog these days when people are using so many other platforms or simply relying on social media to send them to the most important, interesting news of the day, right?

But on Thursday, May 19, 2016 – I delivered the Commencement Address at Elon University and suddenly (after working on my speech over a 2-3 week period) it was very clear to me that I needed to come back online, make my voice heard in a new way – beyond those who hear me speak or who work with me all the time  – and start a new conversation.

I told those Elon iMedia grads, earning their Master’s Degree in interactive media to become change agents because the media industry is undergoing PROFOUND CHANGE. So that is what I am going to blog about.

CHANGE.  It won’t always be profound, but that is my new theme. I don’t know where this is going to go, but I do know it starts here. Heck, I haven’t even made this blog pretty at all. I just knew for certain that I had to start again – so I logged into my WordPress account, tried hard to remember my password  and worked for two nights straight to get something live.

I welcome you to join the journey.

And I promise I will work on the formatting or hire someone from my network of talented friends and acquaintances to do it for me.

And thanks to the great students at Elon for helping me find my motivation to do this again, because I wasn’t sure I ever would.

I’m going to take my own advice as chronicled by @EloniMedia in the tweet below.


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